Launch of the 30th South Docks Festival

30th South Docks Festival Launch Dublin Lord Mayor - Crowe Horwath Ireland

Pictured: Crowe Horwath’s Evelyn Heron with Dublin Lord Mayor Mícheál MacDonncha.

The 30th anniversary of the South Docks Festival was launched in style by the new Lord Mayor Mícheál MacDonncha. At the launch of the festival Mayor MacDonncha became Honorary Admiral of Dublin Port and, wearing a ceremonial two-cornered bicorne, took part in the annual ‘Casting of the Spear’ ceremony.

Historical records show that the tradition dates back to 1488 when Thomas Mayler – the then Lord Mayor of Dublin – set out on his horse to ride the city’s boundaries. Historical records show that he rode out onto the strand as far as a man could and from there he cast a spear into the sea. At that time, casting the spear demonstrated the extent of the city boundaries eastwards.

The South Docks Festival is a celebration of Dublin’s Pearse Street and Grand Canal communities and runs until Friday, 21st July 2014. Crowe Horwath is delighted to be involved in supporting the St Andrews Resource Centre and will be organising a range of fundraising and volunteer activities over the coming months.

Watch the historic ‘Casting of the Spear’ at the South_Docks_Launch

Dublin Lord Mayor Mícheál MacDonncha takes part in the annual 'Casting of the Spear' ceremony - Crowe Horwath Ireland