“We have worked with Gerry O’Reilly and his team at Crowe Horwath over a significant period of time and across various projects that have required different skill sets. I have always found they offer an excellent service over and above than any other provider. In challenging times, or when planning for future expansion, I want Crowe Horwath in my corner.”

Michael McCambridge, Director, McCambridge Ltd

Business Value Builder

Business owners’ freedom vs trap

Are you trapped in day to day of your business? Feel you are not building the value or achieving the freedom you dreamt of?

Most owners started their business for the freedom to build something on their terms. But most business owners fall short of this dream and become trapped in their business. They fall into the Owners Trap. They are the focus of all the activity and the decision making, which leaves very little time to create the business that they dreamed of. The financial and personal freedom that drove them to start their own business seems more distant than ever.

At Crowe Horwath, we have seen this many times. That is why we have developed a systematic approach to Building Lasting Value in your Business aimed at achieving the goals of financial and personal freedom. We believe the ultimate goal of any business owner seeking freedom should be to build a valuable, sellable business because that gives you the best set of choices:

  • Scale
  • Sell
  • Pass down
  • Just reap the rewards of your efforts

How do you get the business back on track?

Sometimes there are so many aspects to the business that need change. Is it developing your people, expanding your product range, developing online? How do you prioritise?

With so many aspects to the value creation in your business it can be hard to know where to start.


Building Business Value - Value Creation

Introducing our Programme for Building Lasting Value in your Business

Our process is action orientated. Using our methodology, we quickly identify the key issues and priorities and work closely with you to develop and implement a plan.

There are three core inputs in creating the plan:

value builder crowe horwwath ireland

  • Complete a Value Audit Questionnaire
  • Financial analysis that benchmarks your business against your sector
  • Detailed understanding of your own personal and business objectives

From this analysis we develop a strategy to deliver this value. It consists of eight core areas which we exam in turn:

  1. Financial performance
  2. Growth prospects
  3. Dependence on specific customer / supplier / employee
  4. Cash generative / absorption
  5. Recurring revenue
  6. Control of their market
  7. Customer satisfaction
  8. Dependence on owner

The process is flexible and tailored to your needs. The results from our analysis lead to concrete action steps aimed at delivering robust and lasting value. We identify the priorities and easier steps and over time work closely with you to complete a full 360° analysis of you, your business and your ambitions.

The first stage involves a detailed analysis of your business. Depending on the outcome and your objectives we then tailor an engagement to suit your needs. This can be a specific period or project or an ongoing development programme.

We have been working with Owner-Managed Businesses for over 75 years.

We have seen tremendous successes and businesses that did not fulfill their potential. We will help you make core structural improvements that will ensure your company is:

  • More robust
  • Less dependent on directors to manage business
  • More efficient
  • Generate greater profits
  • Ensure greater predictability of future income streams
  • Achieve long-term financial security of owners

Smart decisions. Lasting value.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help prepare your company for sale or build a stronger, more robust and profitable business, contact Gerard O’Reilly, Partner.

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Gerard O’Reilly

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