Private Clients

We are an independent advisory practice supporting our clients and their families with tailored financial, regulatory and compliance advice to match their needs.

We offer a single point of contact for our clients where all personal and family interests are overseen and proactively managed by our experienced advisors. Our partner-led approach helps identify and properly address any hidden opportunities and risks with our clients’ personal or family affairs, which might have been missed by working with multiple advisors.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides a holistic approach to managing all operational, regulatory, tax, strategic and family-related aspects our clients might face. Unlike many other private client advisors, we do not provide investment advice or recommend specific financial products.

Private clients

Many of our clients are high-net-worth individuals who are time poor and busy focusing on managing their business interests. They often have complex financial interests which involve family members and span a range of assets, often across jurisdictions, that require careful planning and management.

We work with our clients to add clarity and focus to their personal financial goals, helping to develop and implement a specific plan to meet their needs. Our approach enables us to build lasting relationships with our clients, supporting them over time and addressing any challenges that might arise as their circumstances and priorities change. Through our proactive approach we assist clients in managing and optimising their assets, leaving them free to focus on other aspects of their business and family life.

Crowe Horwath’s private client services draw from a team of experienced experts who are well-positioned to advise our clients in respect of their domestic and international interests. Having oversight over our clients’ affairs enables us to consider the broader implications of any matters that might arise.

Family offices

When clients’ asset portfolios become more complex, they often require additional assistance meeting governance, compliance, administration and asset monitoring needs. This can be time consuming and daunting for our clients as they juggle business and personal matters.

Crowe Horwath can assist with the structuring, set-up and operation of a family office, providing a cost-efficient oversight support and proactively briefing clients on any deadlines or issues they might face.

We differentiate our services by not being a creator or provider of products enabling us to work independently with our client’s advisors and asset managers. Our team ensures that the financial needs of both our individual clients and their family are managed in an effective way.

Our approach

We draw on the wide range of disciplines and expertise within our firm to expertly look after you and your family’s financial affairs. We are experienced at coordinating with any wider team you may have and other advisors, such as banks, investment advisors, legal firms and property management teams, to ensure your best interests are at heart. Our goal is to build a lasting, fruitful relationship with our clients where we continually look to add tangible value at each stage.

Our services

Our private clients have a broad range of concerns, often complicated by complex family arrangements, international issues, and other matters which require the input of advisors experienced in resolving these issues.

The issues and challenges faced by our clients are unique to each individual, requiring a tailored suite of services. However, in our experience, it often includes support across the following areas:

  • Personal tax compliance and planning
  • Estate and succession planning
  • International services
  • Advising family businesses
  • Property and estate management
  • Retirement planning and structuring
  • Outsourced services

Personal tax compliance and planning
With tax legislation growing ever more complex, the management of tax risks is becoming increasingly problematic for individuals and their families. Our private client tax team efficiently structure your tax liabilities and manage your tax compliance for both local and international tax authorities.

Estate and succession planning
Without a good succession plan in place, wealth can be significantly eroded as it passes through the generations. Through estate planning, family governance and succession planning we help you plan for your future, to ensure your family is well provided for.

International services
Many people now have assets and property investments overseas. Whether you own or are looking to purchase personal assets or business structures overseas, we can recommend tax-efficient financial structures to suit your individual circumstances and objectives.

We work with our international network, Crowe Horwath International, to support your international tax strategy and compliance, as well as helping with any visa and international
employment requirements.

Advising family businesses
A number of our private wealth clients are involved in their own business and Crowe Horwath has been advising family businesses for over 75 years. Whatever stage your business is at in its life cycle and whether your longer term plan involves selling your business or passing it to the next generation, our multi-disciplinary team have the experience to advise you on the issues you need to consider. The burden of estate taxes makes the transition of family businesses costly and complex. By planning with you and your family how this is managed can help deliver a more successful inter-generational transfer.

Property and estate management
Our team can provide you with asset management support for your property portfolio, across any residential and commercial property holdings.

Retirement planning and structuring
Recent tax changes have meant that many people will have less in their pension pots than previous generations. We can support your retirement planning by reviewing your personal and financial objectives pre and post retirement and developing a plan that ensures tax efficiency across assets so that your income is enhanced in your later years. The introduction of pension reform will change this further, understanding how you are positioned to optimise your retirement assets is key to any financial plan.

Outsourced services
Many private clients prefer to have their personal family finances segregated from their business finances and look to outsource a range of services. We offer a range of financial and payroll services to meet the ongoing needs for our private clients and their family offices.


Maeve Corr

HeadPrivate Client Services